10 Ways to Wear Your Fashion and Jewelry Watches

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Customized watches make it easier to pick the right one. But choosing the right watch depends on how you’re going to wear it. This guide will help you get a better idea of what kind of watch you need. When it’s all about wearing fashion and jewelry watch, here are 10 ways to wear it in style.

1. Pay attention to watch faces

Thankfully, no matter your taste, customized watches surely have some amazing watch faces that suit your personality and style. Whether you prefer one that will show off unforgettable moments in a personalized image slideshow or the one with a more traditional look, you’re covered.

2. Find Your Preferred Watch Shape

Despite the fact that many more watch styles and shapes have emerged over the years, the most preferred choices are the square and the circle. Round-faced watches are so versatile they can work well with any style, from luxurious diamond watches and ceramic watches to sporty chronograph timepieces. On the other hand, a square-shaped dial is always a matchless addition, and it compliments nearly any style.

3. Assess your typical weekly attire

Your weekly attire has a lot to say about your personality and if you are planning to buy customized watches, you must pay attention to it. What do you wear every day? Do you prefer jeans and a t-shirt, a polo or you feel more comfortable in business casuals, and suits? See what you like wearing, and when you choose a watch for yourself or for someone, keep the attire in mind. You should also know how often you are going to be wearing the timepiece.

4. Know which features are important to you

What does a customized watch mean to you? Do you want a watch that just tells you time and date, or you want something more personal like chronograph that helps you manage your events or notes? Think about your priorities. You can choose a water-resistant watch so that you can just wear it no matter if you are going to a meeting or just spending some time in a swimming pool.

5. Know the reasoning behind this purchase

If you’re not entirely sure about the reason, ask yourself. Are you a watch enthusiast or you just want a quality watch that compliments your style? If you are willing to spice up your looks with customized watches, choose something casual to wear so that you can confidently wear it for any occasion.

6. Choose the right strap

Would you match a pair of classy-looking leather derbies with a pair of ankle sports socks? Probably not. It’s the same deal if you are choosing customized watches and straps. You can’t just pick anything because not everything will look good on your watch. An overly fashionable strap will look ugly and you won’t be able to wear it everywhere. You can opt for rubber, leather or stainless steel. You can easily find some bracelets in rubber and leather that harmonize with your unique style.
7. Let the watch reflect your interests

A watch is an extension of your style, your personality. So when you purchase a watch, pay particular attention to your interests and the suitability of the watch. What defines your hobbies and interests the best – entrepreneurship, art, stock market, design, swimming, outdoor activities, or something else? Luckily, so many watches are out there, but make sure you choose the one that reflects your interests.

8. Know your budget

Budget is very important and the sky is not the limit. Whether it’s your first watch or the tenth, you must know what your budget allows. The good news is whether your preference in watches is more complex or minimal, customized watches can be found on any budget. When you’re in doubt, wear something traditional with pearl or diamond designer work as it never goes out of trend and looks suitable for most of your accessories.

9. Some accessories can make a big difference

The best thing that happens when you buy customized watches is that you can take help of accessories to stand out. It’s time to dig out that chain, that small wallet, and bracelet you bought last year. After all, it comes down to what accessories you sport other than your watch.

10. Decide where on the body you want to wear

There are no specific rules for where you should wear your watch. It should be on the wrist where you find it comfortable. Some people prefer the right hand while many prefer the left, but it is all up to you. Just keep it classy, stylish, and feel confident.


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