Cultured Pearls Meaning – Are They Real?

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What is so stunningly distinguishing about a pearl? The lavish sheen on a small, graceful globe of lustrous perfection, it is all prepared by the hands of Mother Nature. Pearls have always enticed people with their rich, creamy embodiment and made people marvel on the beauty of this magnificently peculiar object that had taken birth in the belly of a sea creature. In bohemian times pearls have been even more expensive than some diamonds and rubies.

These gems come in many different types. While some are artificial replicas, others can cost up to thousands of dollars, but not many of them because there are very few classic traditional pieces that are for sale till this date. In old times, pearls were a luxury only feasible to the rich and wealthy. Divers risked their lives going extremely deep under the sea to collect thousands of oysters just to complete one decent pearl necklace, later to be worn by a Madame at the Theatre or a Princess having brunch with Dukes in castles.

Pearls were once an emblem of poshness and opulence but now cultured pearls are available in lower rates to be worn by anyone. Many people have questions in their minds regarding the authenticity of cultured pearls but Yes! These cultured gems are in fact real pearls. They are real fresh water gems that are bred on oyster farms. The exposed layers on the surface of cultured pearls are the same as on the wild ones and they take years to form in a mollusk’s mantle in fresh water farms, maintained by oyster breeders around the globe. While high quality wild pearls can still be very expensive, the farm bred ones don’t cost as much, but they are real pearls, nevertheless.

The varieties of cultured pearls come from fresh water mussels instead of deep, salt water oysters. This technique of growing pearls in fresh water farms has put a stop to the divers risking their lives to go deep under water to collect salt water oysters. It has made it easy for people to sell and buy real pearls and has kindled the pearl industry, making this type of breeding a business for people living in areas that are abundant in fresh waters.

These pearls are used in jewelry of all sorts, from delicate earrings dangling on the ears of a girl on a cruise ship to France, to a Hollywood celebrity showing off her valuables and riches on a Red Carpet event. These intricate pearls will add life to jewelry of all sorts, the State of the Art and rakish pearls always look beautiful and entice whoever sees them.

Any which way, silver jewelry compliments these pearls best. While a normal silver ring will be but a blemish on your finger, a pearl may add life to it; almost make it rhythmic and adroit. Sterling silver necklaces look great with cultured pearls. Silver pearl jewelry isn’t very expensive but beautiful nonetheless, set to be a charming manifestation on your get-up. I simply can’t stress enough on the beauty of a pearl.


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  1. Sharon Smith

    August 28, 2017 at 2:47 am

    Thank you for sharing very nice blog about cultured Pearls, yes everyone knows this info, it’s very helpful when some one buying pearl jewelry, I have also one Cultured pearl, which one I purchased from Timeless Pearl through online, really this store provided pearl jewelry and this jewelry make me very beautiful and look glorious and feel peace thank you

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