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Handmade artisan jewelry is traditionally made by highly skilled craftsmen. This jewelry can be sold in local markets, on the net and jewelry shops around the globe. The jewelry can be made from a lot of different kinds of materials, also can be made from many combinations of materials. Most times, these materials come from the highest and best grade in the planet.

Art shows, showrooms, and festivals are a number of the best locations one can find unique items of jewelry. Most times, artisans work with gemstones and metals that are subject to a particular part of the world. These native stuffs varies from one region to another. A potential buyer may find a beaded jewelry in some countries and jewelry made from fine stones and gemstones in other nations. Different countries are known by the types of jewelry they produce.

A person who designs and makes this kind of jewelry piece is known as an artist, although in most case can be described as an artisan. The dictionary describes an artisan as a person that is skilled in the applied art, also is reffered to as a craftsperson. According to the dictionary, the phrase “artisan” has its roots on the Italian phrase artigiano; this means an individual who is highly trained in crafts and arts. Artisans craft different things. A number of the major ones are jewelry, furniture, beverages, cheese, clothing, bread, and tools. Every artisan crafted piece are decorative and functional, or both. Some samples may be seen at Jes MaHarry website or Facebook page.

The artisan jewelry is known to be in existence as far as 6000 BCE. The first handmade necklace, ornaments, rings, earrings and bracelets were made of copper and gold. Most of the works were often designed to take an animal or human forms. Nowadays, handcrafted jewelry is produced from gemstones, beads, metals and many different materials. All the piece of handcrafted jewelry feels and looks very unique and beautiful.

Because of this exceptional craftiness and uniqueness, handmade crafted jewelry works can be very expensive, with a very high economical value attached to them. This high cost of the pieces not only shows the originality of every piece, but also it reflects the high quality of all the materials used to produce each item. All the best materials when mixed with the skills of the artisan brings about a unique and beautiful jewelry item that have even found its way to top museum exhibits all over the globe.

The artisan jewelry piece is not only unique but is robust and durable. And it is perfect to be worn for all occasion. Although each of the artisan jewelry piece is a special kind of piece, but it is not personalized except if one ordered for a particular design and it’s specially made for the individual. The special order allows an individual to personally pick a specific design or material for personal use or as a gift. An artisan jewelry gift is of high quality, beautiful and unique. Most people will love to own this exceptional piece.


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  1. amy claunch

    November 6, 2017 at 10:38 pm

    Thanks For sharing.

  2. Mike

    December 17, 2017 at 11:26 pm

    Unfortunately there are not enough buyers out there that fully appreciate the time, effort and skill that goes into first designing and then making unique Artisan crafted jewellery. In this day and age of mass produced jewelry, particularly so called ‘silver’ jewellery which is often merely plated, too many people will automatically make a comparison to a ‘similar’ (in their mind) piece that they have seen an a jewelry retailer or in a catalogue and bawk at the price being asked for by the Artisan.

    As an Artisan jeweler myself, at Tree of Life Jewelry, I find it rather disappointing

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