What Is the Best Color for A Diamond?

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It’s time for you to purchase the perfect ring for your special someone, and often the first question is how do you go about determining the best diamond color grade to purchase?

It depends on two main things, your budget and your preference, which includes the shape of the diamond you are looking at and the type of metal you are placing it in. Before we go deeper into finding the best color for a diamond, click here to see if you can get your ideal diamond ring. Provided, you follow the guidelines below there is no reason you can’t find the best color for a diamond.

Diamond Color Grades Explained

White diamonds come in color grades, which considers the range of clarity and whiteness of the diamond.

When diamonds are graded they are viewed top down to see the amount of color within them. D grade diamonds are the most premium in grade with the least amount of color, and the grades continue through the alphabet to show the diamond is more colored, yellowed or cloudy. Diamonds also come in a variety of colors (pinks, blues, yellows and greens), not just white, and that is where the clarity is important because the better the clarity of body color the more it will reflect its true color.

Choosing Your Diamond

Your Budget

When looking at which diamond to buy do not overlook the color grading but be mindful if you are looking to buy a D grade diamond you will be paying a premium price. The diamond industry is very consumer driven, so unless your special someone knows how to compare their diamond with something of a higher grade, usually a safe choice of color grade to keep your budget, would be in the H- J range.

Your Preference

The diamond buying process is a very personal one, so make sure you are dealing with a diamond expert to help you make the best possible choice. There are some factors that will help you when choosing which is the best color diamond for you.


If you are undecided about the size of the diamond you should look in the G-J diamond range. They are the best value for the color you can see with your naked, untrained eye. If you do have a size picked out, G-H is best for diamonds over 1 carat and grades I-J are best for diamonds under 1 carat.

The color is easier to detect in large diamonds when standing alone. It is recommended you invest in a better-quality setting, so you never lose your diamond, then in a diamond with a higher color grade or better cut.


The cut of the diamond really comes down to how much light you want reflecting through and off your diamond. If you are going for a lower quality grade, such as a J diamond you might want to consider a cut with more facets, like a princess, emerald or asscher, it will reflect the light much better and hide any color imperfections.


Now that you have the size and the cut of your diamond it is time to choose what kind of setting you will use to mount it in. As a rule of thumb if you are concerned about price or want a larger carat size go with a lower grade diamond, such as a K-L, and then get a yellow gold setting for it. But if your heart is set on a different type of metal here are the best color grades to pair it with to get you the best value for your money.

White Gold Settings: H-J Color Range

Platinum Settings: H— J Color Range

Rose Gold Settings: J— M Color Range

Yellow Gold Settings: J— L Color Range

In closing, the quality, clarity and color range is one of the best places to save money when purchases a ring for your special someone. Don’t fall for overpriced diamonds that have an unspecified color range, go for a specific pick, at a reputable store, and you will get the best bang for your buck.


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