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Since ancient times, gemstones are highly revered for their high intrinsic values. Real and natural stones can perhaps provide spiritual, mental, and physical strength. Hence, the prices of these gemstones are also elevated. Both, natural and treated gemstones are easily available in market. It is very cumbersome and intimidating to differentiate between them. But, to avail the powers and properties of these exceptional precious and semi-precious gemstones, you must learn to find buy only the genuine products at the best prices.

So, here is formal guide for you to buy real and authentic gemstone for getting the desired results:

Recognizing and Finding the Right Gemstone:

It is necessary to recognize perfect match of gemstone according to your sun sign, kundli, or planet position. Each Gemstone is assigned to different planets, sun signs, and chakras. Finding an ideal match is much difficult but it can be made easy with an expert advice. Make a visit to such online e-commerce websites that offers expert gemstone recommendation services (e.g.  along with a wide range of stones available for sale to match your requirements.

Prefer Only the Natural Gemstones:

Never go for synthetic or treated gemstone. Though, chemical composition and color of synthetic gemstones are quite similar to their natural counterparts, yet the spirituality or metaphysical powers possessed by natural stones go missing in duplicate ones. Natural stone without treatment or inclusions are more valuable. Most of the times, gemstones are heated or given some sort of treatment to exclude inclusions and enhance their appearance. But, in this process, their intrinsic value falls down and they do not remain as effective as anticipated by you. Treated ones are available at much cheaper rates than natural gemstones. Also check for transparency, hardness, color, and origin of gemstone before buying.

Suitability of Gemstone:

Once your matching stone is identified, you need to decide upon the jewelry in which you desire to wear it. Jewelry must be such that gemstone always touches your skin and energy emitted by it should get percolated into your body. People often select finger rings, pendant, or bracelet for such gemstone jewelry. Selection of stone should be according to the suitability of jewelry.

Video and Image:

For finer view of gemstone, you can watch detailed videos and images that are uploaded on gemstone websites. Advance technology has given advantage to see picture of gemstone in 3D view. Videos offered on these sites offer a precisely clear view of gemstone along with its features and specifications regarding weight, dimension, originality and other details. If you have not decided that which form or jewelry you prefer, then just visit jewelry section of such website. There, you can get unlimited varieties of jewelry studded with different gemstones for sale.

Lab Certification:

Recognizing fake gemstones is very difficult if you are not an expert in this field. Hence, always look for lab certification while buying any sort of gemstone or gemstone jewelry. Online web stores offer authentic certification from a recognized gemology laboratory for every stone you purchase. This is a reliable source to get guarantee regarding the authenticity of gemstone. Such laboratories scrutinize the stones on all parameters set by government authority and guarantees that you are purchasing an original stone.

With this simple buying guide, you can enrich your experience of gemstone shopping and also avail the amazing properties and powers of these gemstones in your life. If you are looking for list of labs which provide lab certificate, click here.


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