Choosing Jewelry for a Professional Look

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As we all know, jewelry is usually more than enough to transform a drab outfit into an eye-catching one that demands the attention of those around you. As Bridgette Raes says, when you’re in a crowd of similarly-dressed people, “The one who is going to stand out is going to be the person who chooses an interesting pair of shoes and finishes her look with a great necklace, some colorful jewelry or a handbag that isn’t dull. If you want to stand out, accessorize. When you accessorize, you can wear your versatile basics without being boring.”

Unfortunately, the attention you get from wearing jewelry can sometimes be both positive and negative – wear the right jewelry and you portray a classy, sophisticated woman, but wear the wrong set and you risk appearing overly gregarious and loud. When it comes to creating a professional look, be it for work or an important event, it’s important for your outfit not to be extremely loud. You’ll want to appear well put-together, but not so much so that you look as though you’re just screaming for attention. This is a lesson that’s often taught by style coaches, and Full Beauty Brands, the people behind plus-size clothing outlet Woman Within, teaches this lesson to participants of their Dress for Success campaign. After all, what we are doesn’t just reflect who we are and what we feel – it also affects how we feel about ourselves.

Of course, it’s not always about getting designer suits, as a great set of jewelry can take your outfit to the next level. You could dress in the simplest button-down shirt and tailored jeans, and still look professional with the perfect accessories. Corporate Fashionista has some great tips to achieve your desired effect, and it all comes down to choosing the right proportion of jewelry. We all remember Coco Chanel’s famous piece of advice: “Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewelry,” and this is something to keep in mind. Over-accessorizing can seriously alter the way people perceive you, but at the same time, under-accessorizing can be pretty bad too. As Corporate Fashionista says, “Just because it’s pretty or sentimental does not mean you should wear it with every outfit and just because you’re a serious professional does not mean you can’t have fun with your jewelry.”

The thing about jewelry and accessorizing is that it all boils down to controlling where the eyes go. If you’re going to be speaking to a client, avoid wearing overly large of colorful accessories that might distract from your eyes, such as huge earrings with bright gems. It would also be best to avoid layered necklaces, as your client’s eyes may wander as they take in all the different layers of your outfit. At the same time, make sure that all of your accessories are appropriate to the occasion – boho chic necklaces and pendants will very rarely have space in a corporate setting, but diamond-studded bangles and pearl necklaces might not be fit for meetings out of town either.

All in all, pulling off the right jewelry can be a great help to you as a professional, and what you wear and how you wear it could spell the difference between being remembered as a sleek and chic individual, or as frumpy and underdressed.


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