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Diamond earrings are like a little black dress– they’re appropriate for just about any formal event, and every woman should have at least one pair! There are so many different types, however, that it can be a little overwhelming to buy the right pair. Or perhaps you’re only familiar with diamond studs and haven’t entertained the thought of a flashy, dangling pair. There’s a whole world of diamond earrings out there in every conceivable style and size! Let’s look at some options.

Diamond studs are probably the most common type of diamond earrings. These subtle stones add a little bit of sparkle without making the wearer look gaudy. If you have multiple piercings in each earlobe, you can wear multiple studs and still maintain an elegant, understated look. In the case of studs, bigger is not always better! Larger diamonds are incredibly expensive, and many people will assume that they are cubic zirconium (fake diamonds). Huge diamonds are also heavy and tug uncomfortably on the earlobes. Given all of these issues, most people feel it’s not worth it to get huge diamond earrings. 1/4 to 1/2 carats (per stud) is usually a happy medium. Just make sure that you’re on the same page as the jeweler! Many people classify their diamond earrings together and tell you the total diamond weight. So if you want two diamond studs that are each 1/4 carat, make sure that the TDW is 1/2 carat. Otherwise you may end up getting earrings that are 1/8 carat each.

While studs are the most popular type of diamond earrings, they are by no means the only style. Diamonds can be integrated into beautiful patterns and designs. Some diamond earrings are hoops that are covered with dozens of tiny diamonds. Others have a dangling solitaire diamond, or a dangling collection of little diamonds. The possibilities are endless. Just like with diamond rings, you might even have a large diamond surrounded by tiny colored gems, or vice versa. Total diamond weight becomes especially important when you’re buying earrings that contain lots of little diamonds, so remember to divide that number by 2 in order to find out how many carats are in each earring.

The metal used in your earrings is nearly as important as the diamonds themselves. Most genuine diamond earrings will use high quality metals, like sterling silver or solid gold. Some may even use platinum or titanium, or a similarly expensive metal. The important thing is to make sure you know what you are getting. Reputable jewelers should have no problem telling you what kind of metal is used and what its purity is.

Whatever your style is, there’s a pair of diamond earrings to go with it. The trick is knowing what you want and buying it from a trustworthy jeweler. If you can imagine it, chances are someone else has already created it. And if not, you can almost certainly find someone to do so! Happy diamond jewelry hunting.


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