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Whether you want a diamond ring because they’re fashionable, because you’re engaged, or because you want to pretend you’re engaged, your options are endless. There are probably more possibilities for diamond ring styles than there are people to wear them! While a single article couldn’t possibly cover all of your options, this one will hopefully help you narrow down what you’re looking for.

The first difference you’ll probably notice is the way the stones are set in the ring. Many engagement rings are solitaire style, meaning they just have one large diamond in a plan band. The diamond is commonly more of a square cut these days, but other styles exist. A tension style diamond ring is similar to the solitaire style in that it typically only has one diamond, although the diamond tends to be smaller. With the tension style, the band has a small gap that holds the diamond between the two edges of it, giving it a very clean, modern look. A cluster style diamond ring will have many tiny diamonds forming a pattern of some kind, either in the band or in place of a solitaire stone. Three-stone rings are also very common; they feature three medium-sized gems side-by-side, almost like a solitaire setting (except with three stones instead of one, of course).

Unusual band styles help make diamond rings unique. The most common metals used for engagement rings, from lowest to highest usual price, are silver, gold, and platinum. In addition to basic differences like width and color, some bands are very elaborate. You might see braided metal or metal etched with words, symbols, or runes. Many rings have geometric or floral patterns on the metal, and occasionally the stones are used in these patterns. You can find rings with leaves, animals, dragons, and just about anything else sculpted into the metal! There is no shortage of options when it comes to the band.

Lastly (in this article, at least), there’s the final choice of stones. Again, the size of the diamond is an important consideration. Additionally, you can now choose any number of colors for your diamond, or you can choose a large diamond accompanied by many tiny gems of some other variety, or vice versa. There are some beautiful engagement rings that have a large ruby or sapphire as the center stone and then dozens of tiny diamonds surrounding it.

This list is certainly not exhaustive. Some diamond rings are so elaborate or unusual that they look more like works of modern art than jewelry! To get a better idea of what each of these ring styles looks like, browse an online jewelry store and compare the different styles and prices. With so many different combinations, there’s sure to be something to make everyone happy.


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