How to Finance Your Ring With James Allen

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James Allen is a world leader in diamonds and diamond jewelry. This online retailer or brand is known throughout the United States for having one of the largest and greatest collections of diamonds available in a single spot. The James Allen brand operates through the internet meaning that you will not find any of their brick and mortar stores. This also means that buying from them will not require you to pay extra sales tax that comes with a diamond. And with diamonds, taxes are so high that you will have to pay a whole lot more if you buy from anywhere else.

Read the full breakdown of how it works:

Diamonds make excellent gifts and sometimes all you need to do to win your love for your partner is to give them a beautiful diamond. But acquiring a diamond isn’t just a cup of tea for everyone. Even the smallest sized diamonds can cost around $2,000 easily which means that you will have to find a way to buy diamonds where you do not have to pay the amount altogether.

Thankfully there are many financial institutions that are willing to lend you some money if you want to buy a diamond and pay later. But most of these financial institutions are really hard to impress through your credit rating and they often do not give you large sums of money. When buying a diamond, you cannot settle for small funds.

In this regard even credit cards are not recommended because the amount you’ll have to pay back will be so high that it is better if you pay the sum altogether. So what do you do? Thankfully, James Allen has their own private financing options to make buying diamonds easy for their customers.

The James Allen financing options come in two different formats that make sure it’s suitable for all kinds of financial situations. If you wish only to pay half the money now and half in another 6 months, they have a customized plan for that. If you want to come out of pocket for as little as humanly possible now and pay the rest in a long period, you can opt for a 24 months payment plan. Each plan has their own advantages and disadvantages but they are still the best if you want to have some financial help in buying a diamond. Let’s face it, not many people can come out of pocket for an expense like this and not be in some sort of financial peril. Along side purchasing a home, this is hands down one of the biggest expenses most people have in their lifetimes, so it’s one you should definitely be wise about.

Now, the easy part! All you need to do is find a diamond through James Allen and then fill out their financing option forms to see if you are eligible. You’ll hear back from someone shortly and they will give you the options that you’ll be able to select from.


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