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Have you ever seen a beautiful gemstone engagement ring on somebody’s finger and wished it was yours? Or at least gush over how valuable and expensive it must be? Believe it or not but rings are one of the most signified aspects of any special occasion; proposals, engagements, marriages- all of these events are marked by the exchange of a ring . People choose the best and prettiest pair of rings to mark the beginning of their new journey.

Diamonds are usually the go-to rings because they are valuable and stunning but, and this may be hard to believe, many women prefer gemstone rings over diamonds. But those women prefer emeralds, rubies, sapphires or even pearl rings instead of diamond ones, and who is to blame them? These alternative gemstones are equally breathtaking!

One of the most known gemstones are Rubies: which are red colored gemstones with an unsurpassed beauty in them. The nature of a ruby is dictated by its shading, cut, and clarity. These properties, together with carat weight, influence the estimation worth of a ruby. It is the conventional birthstone for July and is generally more pink than garnet, although some Rhodolite garnets have a similar pinkish shade to rubies. The world’s most costly ruby is the Sunrise Ruby and is considered rare.

Rubies are cut into various sizes, styles and shapes and used to make various gems pieces and jewelry. Ruby is the red assortment of the mineral Corundum. Transparent rubies of expansive sizes are even rarer than diamonds. Ruby is extraordinary amongst the most prevalent gemstones, and is utilized broadly as a part of jewelry, in companies like Leibish&Co. It is used to make all types of adornments, including bracelets, necklaces, rings, and studs. It is utilized both as a centerpiece gemstone, as a part of pendants and rings, or as an auxiliary stone to supplement different gemstones.

Emerald engagement rings, like these, are also one of the best choices that people make to symbolize their engagement; the unique green color and the beauty of this precious gemstone is enough to awe you. Emeralds are thought to be more delicate than other stones from the Beryl family as they’re resistance to breakage is relatively low thus it is advised that they be maneuvered with extensive care.

Emeralds are known as the official birthstone of the ones born in May, and are categorized as one of the top four most precious gemstones in the world.

Transparent emeralds are faceted into diamond cuts for adornments, and standout amongst the most popular gemstones. Emerald is extremely delicate to weight and impact, and the notable emerald cut was created particularly for this pearl in order to lessen the weight during the cutting. They are also known as a symbol of twenty and thirty five year wedding anniversaries.

So whatever the occasion, you now know of some great alternatives to diamond rings that you can use to help make your celebration even more special.


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