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Online shopping is sometimes a game of chance because most people rarely get what they want regarding quality. Buying a preset engagement ring online is equally risky as much because the client can’t detect the quality of the ring online to know if the metal used in making the jewel is fake or original. With that said, most people often work with their intuition and just trust the online shop they desire to shop on. There are many sites for buying preset online engagement rings, but that’s not our topic of today. Our interest is rather about the challenges that come with buying these rings online and how they can be overcome. Now, let’s look at a few challenges and how they can be overcome.

1.) Clients get caught up in online trends

Many clients are so fashionable that they desire to buy only the designs of engagements rings that are trending online via social media. Well, the best thing to do is not to be caught up in trends because an engagement ring should be a timeless classic symbol that your love will last forever. The goal should, therefore, be to find a ring that matches the personality of your fiancé instead of what everyone is buying for their fiancé. Thus, it’s wrong to settle for an engagement ring for the mere reason that it’s trending while ignoring the unique personality of your fiancé.

2.) A ring can’t be perfect online
Another challenge faced in buying a preset engagement ring online is that the ring is rarely perfect online. The reason is that when it comes to analyzing the right jewelry, its appearance and design do not play a great role. What rather matters the most is the material used in making the ring. For instance, is the preset engagement ring made of pure gold, diamond, and pearls? If so, the best way to confirm the quality of the metal used in making the ring is by testing it. However, the challenge remains in the fact that you can only test it when it’s delivered to you and not online.

3.) Camera effect may alter the ring shape and color
Sometimes, it’s hard to perceive the real color and shape of a preset engagement ring barely by looking at it from the pictures displayed online. Remember that most online shops; Jewelry shops inclusive often enhance their images to make their products look unique and appealing as a strategy to attract more clients. Thus, when it comes to buying engagement rings online, most people are afraid to take the chance of buying one which upon delivery, may not look exactly like what they had in mine. With that said, the quality of a ring is better felt when touched than with naked eyes. According to Gemological Institute of America, It’s better to judge a stone by the feeling it gives you rather than the GIA grading.


With all the challenges faced in buying a preset engagement ring online, the best solution is to choose from a wide range of rings with the use of a 360 degrees video with high magnification like on The reason is that a 360-degree high definition (HD) video pays keen attention to details and shows the ring all round thereby revealing all the tiny details that will possibly not be visible on photos. Through a high 360 degrees video, it is possible to determine the four Cs of a preset engagement ring like these ones. The elements of the four Cs include color, cut, clarity, and carat. With this, you will make sure your future bride will love not only you, but also the diamond engagement ring you buy her, and will cherish it forever.


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