Is White Gold Better than Sterling Silver Jewelry?

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There are quite a few similarities between silver and white gold. To name a couple, both are of popular use in the making of jewelry and to an untrained eye, their colors can be rather difficult to differentiate from one another. This often prompts the questions: What is the difference between silver and white gold? Which is better? Aside from their surface appeal, both metals are individualistic and possess their own unique qualities. Not only do they conduct themselves differently, but their price and value vary considerably as well!

What are some of the qualities of silver?

One of the biggest pluses about the grayish-white metal is that it is comparatively hypoallergenic! This makes it ideal for jewelry wearers who suffer from metal allergies or sensitive skin. Sterling silver is the best type of silver for this, due to its containment of 92.5% actual silver (it is rare to find a piece of jewelry that is actually pure silver).

What is silver’s value?

Although often priced less than gold, silver is known to be a precious metal. It’s affordability yet quality is what makes silver so appealing for everyday wear. Many wearers enjoy the concept of buying a well-crafted piece without the burden of emptying out their pockets completely.

How does silver look and feel?

Silver has cool hues that often compliment people with cooler skin tones (skin colors with undertones of blue or pink) best. It also pairs lovely against various shades of purple, blue, and green gems.Another great trait of silver is that it is substantially firmer than gold. This can prevent it from acquiring numerous scratches or dents while being sported. On the flip side however, this also makes elaborate designing and etching on silver much harder to accomplish for jewelry makers.

Is silver easy to care for?

Unfortunately silver is not the easiest type of metal to care for. In fact, if not stored and maintained properly, silver can tarnish fairly easily! Yet, you may find that a surprising amount of silver jewelry owners actually prefer this look – due to its vintage-looking appearance.

What are some of the qualities of white gold?

Just like when you are wearing silver, your skin is less susceptible to reactions when you wear white gold. In actuality, sensitive skin is considered to be generally safest when exposed to gold and the same applies for white gold.

What is the value of white gold?

Because white gold is an alloy (a metal made by combining two or more metallic ingredients) its prices may depend on its components. Normally, white gold consists of gold, silver, and copper. Though in some cases, it may be made with lesser quality metals such as a skin-irritating metal like nickel.Typically, the higher the purity level (gold percentage) of white gold, the more valuable the piece will be. Yet if more gold has been placed into the alloy, this may cause its color to alter. To many, this makes the piece lose its appeal.

How does white gold look and feel?

Due to it being an alloy, white gold can be found in an abundance of shades. Some pieces may appear more yellow in color, but the most popularized type of white gold upholds similar coloring to silver! The difference however, is its more subtle white form and yellow undertones when met with light. White gold is made up of about 50% gold, which allows it to be softer than many other metals and easier to form into elegant shapes. Nevertheless, this also makes it considerably less durable than silver and easier to abrade!

Is white gold easy to care for?

Gold is known for its ability to avoid oxidization from both air and moisture. Like the metal it consists of (gold), white gold is appreciably easy to care for and can require little to no cleaning.

Which of the two is the better option?

Both metals have pros and cons and deciding which of the two is the best option for you depends on many factors. Are you in search of something more affordable? Do you need something easier to maintain? White gold is generally more costly and not as sturdy as silver. Furthermore, silver may be of lesser value, but can be an excellent investment due to its durability.


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