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Has the day come that you have a person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with? If so, it’s time to get an engagement ring. If you’re looking for this to be a surprise, then you’re going to have to get a little sneaky in buying the ring while avoiding her figuring out what’s coming.

To start this process, you’re going to need to find her ring size, but you have options on this front. The easiest thing to do is just steal one of her rings briefly, tracing it out on paper before returning it. Also, if she’s a heavy sleeper, you could wrap some string around the fourth finger of her left hand and then measure that length. In either case, a good jeweler can use that to approximate her size.

It’s also a good idea to get some idea as to her tastes, since it will be her ring. Does she have a Pinterest board? Spend some time snooping around it if you do, although it’s best to avoid doing this at home or on a shared computer. Many girls have boards dedicated to rings and weddings where you can learn the styles she prefers. If you trust them, ask her friends or even a sister. They’ll know her tastes, and they might be able to help you quietly with casual inquiries that don’t make your intentions obvious.

The day will come though, that you’ve done all this and it’s time to buy the actual engagement ring. Your parents might have just called a jeweler or went to a store. You can do that too, but you can also go online. That means your next decision is buying in-person or online. Both possibilities have their pros and cons. Keep reading to learn what they are.

Buying In-Person

PRO: Being able to see a diamond with your own eyes is a truly invaluable opportunity if you know just what you’re seeking inside a jewelry store, click here. The inspection and selection process is far simpler and much more robust than Internet pictures could provide.

PRO: It’s not true in all cases, but you might find a brick and mortar store that has long-term policies beneficial to you. That include a maintenance policy, upgrade options, and buy-back possibilities.

PRO: A local store might offer credit plans that make long-term financing a possibility, helping you spread out the cost.

PRO: She could shop with you. If your engagement isn’t going to be a surprise, she should join you on the hunt for her ring. Also, some engaged couples get their ring after the question is popped instead of before.

PRO: Local pickup means you don’t have to worry about her opening up the package at your home or your coworkers misplacing something valuable if you have it shipped to your workplace.

PRO: It might be easier to hide your shopping if your stops at a local store can be masked with normal errands. Sharing a computer can mean your browsing history gets checked out, and shopping online at work might not be possible at your job.

CON: Depending on the store, a glaring and even annoying downside to buying a ring locally is having to deal with the salespeople. They’re all going to tout themselves as experts in the field of diamonds so they can hopefully persuade you to purchase particular diamonds, but in many cases, such self-certifications aren’t worth that much. The whole point of a salesperson is to sell you something, and they’re looking out for their own wallet, not yours. That means you can expect a certain level of deception, if not flat-out dishonesty.

CON: Overhead is a huge issue that brick and mortar stores face. They send a lot of money on payroll, rent, and fixtures, and that’s just to open the doors and turn the lights on before they make a dime. That means higher prices passed onto consumers, and the rent in big shopping malls could be even more.

Shopping Online

PRO: The variety and selection of engagement rings online are nearly unbeatable by brick and mortar stores. They’re limited by space, costs, and security concerns that online merchants simply don’t face, so you might have a seemingly endless variety of rings to choose from. A brick and mortar store has staff, furnishings, facilities, rent, custom light fixtures, and cash registers. An online store has a website and simple logistics. That means a drastically reduced cost of doing business, so they’re able to just pass their savings on by offering you higher-quality stones and jewelry at lower price points.

PRO: You can expect sound return policies from reputable online stores, where you might get a time period where you can freely send back a ring you don’t actually like or want. Having said that, go through their return policy thoroughly to be sure you’re actually getting a refund and not an exchange or get hit with restocking fees.

CON: The Internet can’t always be trusted. The market is unregulated, and so there will be unscrupulous merchants not looking for fair and honest business, but just a chance to swindle the unsuspecting.

CON: Inability to assess a stone physically before buying it is certainly a drawback, since you can’t do a thorough evaluation in-person.

CON: On a similar note, you can’t see a finalized ring immediately, although this can be mitigated with anyone who offers free two-way shopping for rings you don’t like or want to buy.

As you can see, buying online versus buying in-person is a tough decision. If you have time, it might be worth doing both some browsing and quietly checking out local stores to see what your options are. Your own personal preferences and comfort levels will be what makes your eventual choice, unless one of these pros or cons turned out to be either a winner or a deal breaker for you. Find out more

Now comes the next hard part, and that’s asking her! It’s up to you how to do it, but in general, start with planning a nice evening or afternoon out doing something that she loves doing before asking her privately when the right moment comes up. Good luck!


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