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There are essentially two types of fashion that get a lot of hype these days. Fast fashion, which follows trends and dictates what you’ll be wearing based on what’s hot at the moment, and timeless fashion, which transcends trends and creates a lasting style that you can wear for decades. Many people try to create a blend of these two, having a wardrobe filled with classic pieces with a few fashion forward things to stay current. What can help set you apart even more, however, is the wearing of a piece of statement jewelry – a classic piece that will never go out of style, but which has enough character and interest to hold its own in a world of fast fashion. One of the most beautiful and unique gemstones you can use in this setting is Larimar.

A Spiritual Following

Larimar is beginning to attract a lot of attention for its beauty, clarity, and rarity, but it’s had a well-known reputation in the spiritual world for some time now. Discovered in the Dominican Republic in the 1970s, Larimar is thought to the Blue Stone of Atlantis predicted by Edgar Cayce. This beautiful crystal blue stone has been found by many to resonate deeply with the throat and heart chakras when meditated on. At the same time, the stone is thought to help release stress and anger, and to help promote a healthy pregnancy when worn by the mother.

A Single Origin Stone

Aside from its spiritual affiliations, Larimar is gaining a lot of attention simply due to its relative rarity. As is common in the world of fast fashion, many pieces of jewelry are mass produced and mass marketed to put forward a trend. Even once sought after gemstones are now being recreated in labs, which lowers their quality and appeal.

Larimar can only be found in one mine in the world. It can’t be mass produced or mass marketed, and because of its unique triclinic crystal structure and fracture pattern, the artisans who work with the stone to turn it into jewelry must let the stone dictate its final shape. This ensures that every piece of Larimar jewelry is always unique and always special.

Unique Coloration

In addition to being relatively rare in origin, Larimar is also a highly variable stone in color and size. Its tone ranges from a very light, clear blue reminiscent of aquamarine to a deeper green/blue that can call turquoise to mind. Many pieces have white veins or streaks in them, and a few rare pieces also have a deep red vein as well. No two pieces of Larimar are ever exactly the same, which ensures that every piece of Larimar jewelry you wear will be unmatched anywhere in the world. According to Wikipedia, Larimar is found only in the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean.

Timeless Beauty

Another thing that helps set Larimar apart is the fact that it can be worn year round in nearly any setting. Its cool tones and translucency call to mind pools of water on a hot summer’s day, while its light blue color complements a winter wardrobe palette of blues, grays, and creams. This ensures that you’ll be able to wear a statement piece of Larimar anytime, anywhere, without worrying about it clashing with the rest of your style.

Embrace Your Own Style

Larimar may be fairly unique in the world of gemstones, but its timeless beauty will forever be in style. If you’re looking for something to set you apart from the crowd and help you make a personal fashion statement, Larimar is a wonderful choice.


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