What are Accent Diamonds? What they mean?

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Did you know that there is more to a diamond than just one stone? Or that the focal point of jewelry is not always the only part that matters? Have you ever thought that it might be nice to add some beauty to a piece you own or would like to own? Then you have considered accent diamonds. More about these beautiful stones can be found here – read on!

What are accent diamonds?
Accent diamonds are much like what you would expect. They are an accent – an added piece, an elaboration, in a way. They should be petite in size when set next to the larger middle stone, often on rings. That doesn’t mean that they are not beautiful, though! They are usually uncomplicated and clean in structure, and are must go perfectly with the main gem. They can be found in various pieces of jewelry, which we will look at in more detail later.

How big are they?
As we’ve discussed, they are not large pieces, generally speaking. They should be much smaller than the centerpiece of the jewelry. This is because you wouldn’t want to make a large stone look tiny or a smaller gem appear insignificant. This is the opposite of their purpose. Accents are probably never more than a quarter carat. They should always be in good proportion to the main attraction. Click here to view some real life examples of rings with accent stones.

Are they authentic?
Yes, unless perhaps the entire jewelry piece is fake. They are as real as the rest of the ornament. Accent diamonds are paired with center diamonds to see if they look well together. They will be of similar value, as well. Meaning if your middle stone is F grade, they will be nearly equivalent. Diamonds are very much about what looks best, and thus it is common sense to pair them in a way that every gem shines.

What are they used in?
It isn’t just rings that contain accent stones, although that has been popularized over the years, especially for engagement rings. Multiple avenues have been found for accent gems. They are now used in many pieces, such as pendants, bracelets, baubles and more. There are no limits for the amazing quality and glimmer they can add to jewelry. They can make a small stone feel bigger and make the piece seem more luxurious, or could add glam to an already gorgeous stone. There is simply nothing like a load of sparkle!

Are accent diamonds only used with diamond centerpieces?
The answer may be shocking! No, actually. Diamond accents are being used in many pieces now, with other stones or gems as the main part of the jewelry. Some creatives are working hard to make unique pieces with the sparkle of a diamond but a lower price, since the center stone is perhaps a pearl or other gem. This is a great look not just for budgets, but for anyone who loves to be unique and wants a treasure that will stand out from the rest. This can be especially authentic if you are going for a time period look of a different decade, when this idea was popular. It may yet make a huge comeback!

Why add accents?
Sometimes simple is good, and sometimes less is more. But it could also be argued that, when it comes to the diamond world, more is great, too! There are those that just love an eyeful of glitter, and accents can definitely accomplish that. Then there are some who want to pursue a certain style, and accents can be used in many ways to help.

The four popular styles for accents are straight baguette and tapered baguette, which are more angular, and trilliants and melee, which focus more on the number of facets. Any of these options are beautiful in a ring setting. For a guide to selecting diamonds, Beyond4Cs.com is a website you may want to check out.

As you can see, there is far more to accent diamonds than meets the eye. They are gorgeous purchases in and of themselves, add extreme value and detail to already lovely jewels, and can even change the look of an ornament entirely! They are definitely important factors to consider when buying a diamond ring, necklace or other significant purchase. So, next time you are shopping, consider accent diamonds!


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